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Calling all Los Angeles area Wonderfuls!

As you probably could tell from that speedily taken down AllKPop article, the Wonder Girls will be having their first red carpet movie premiere in Los Angeles this weekend! This is a huge event for them and it will definitely be something that news media from around the world will be covering and WGspectacle wants to make it so that the fans are there in full support for the Girls!

We would love to organize a fan meetup for Spectacle members and other Wonderfuls. If you are in the LA area, or are traveling from out of state (like me) to go to the event please let us know! It would make the Girls really happy if they could see their fans lining the red carpet, cheering them on for the whole premiere. Some sites are already doing ticket giveaways for the movie as well, so it is possible there will be extra seats that fans might be used to fill.

Again, this is HUGE news for the Girls. Let’s make sure all the media, and the world, sees how much their fans adore them!

No official time for the red carpet yet, but usually these types of events start in afternoon and early evening. I’ll definitely be there as soon as possible to help pump people up and support the Girls with banners and everything. So how about we agree on a 4PM meetup? We want to make sure we are there for any news crews that might show up. 

So here are the details:

WGspectacle and Wonderful meetup
CGV Cinemas
621 South Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90005

I’ll be around as long as they let us stay, so don’t worry if you are there slightly late. But I would imagine if they let people in it would be first come first served. So try not to be too late for the meetup! 

If you can, let us know if you are attending on our Spec Family thread!

Signal boost reblogs of this are greatly appreciated as we would love as many fans as possible to show up!

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